Removal companies

When it comes to moving your home, business or maybe even just your furniture, Cape Town has a wide variety of removal companies to choose from, which can make the decision on which one to use extremely difficult. Over the years our experience in the removal business has shown us that there are a few key differences between a good and bad removal company.

  1. A clean, reliable and safe removal can only be done with the use of new trucks and equipment which are regularly serviced.
  2. All staff need to be part of a permanent removal team and no casual laborers are used off the street
  3. Proper inventory forms and calculation formulas are used to determine the correct requirements and a fair costing for our clients
  4. All vehicles are under 24 hour surveillance and tracking for maximum security
  5. There must be a continual flow of customer compliments on record that can be shared with our clients  
  6. Reputable removal companies need to offer a full house packaging service. This includes pack and supply boxes, protective plastic sleeving and/or bubble wrapping, supply packing material, etc.
  7. A good removal company always meets their appointments and we often get called out by our competitors to save the day.
  8. Most of our testimonials refer to staff friendliness, kindness, professionalism and enthusiasm when carrying out the task on hand. Click here for testimonials.


Eddie’s love for Cape Town nets him a business

When Eddie Stewart was promoted to the position of district manager for a fast food chain-group he had to relocate from the Western Cape to Gauteng. But as a born Capetonian, his love for the sea and mountain eventually got the better of him, and he had to make a plan to return to his birthplace. “So after a few years I resigned my job and headed back South,” says Eddie. But Eddie knew he had to find a new source of income and decided to start a removal company in Cape Town. “I bought a small truck and after a response to my ad in the local newspaper, set off to my first customer,” remembers Eddie. But this almost turned into a disaster. Eddie and his helpers had to move a heavy piano… They battled so much with  it that he had decided there and then that his first move was also his last! Regret also set in immediately, as he had bought a truck and was now stuck with it.

But Eddie already had a few more customers waiting in the wings and decided to honour his commitment to them first. “When I got to my second customer, word had already spread that we had done a very good job (despite the piano woes!) and I got such a warm reception that I decided to give it another go,” laughs Eddie. Business thereafter was brisk and Eddie soon had to buy another truck. “But the funny thing was that my overheads increased so much that the business was now less profitable than before!” says Eddie. He later bought a third truck to help out a friend and it was only when he started using the truck himself that the profits turned.

Eddie has never looked back since, and although he professes that his growth was slow due to his conservative nature, Eddie now owns eight trucks and his order book is always full. Not that it is an easy business to be in. “It is very cut-throat and many newcomers are only in it to make a quick buck.” Eddie, however, has always operated in an honest and open way and believes in giving a fair deal. “The goodwill you earn from being sincere is priceless,” he says.

Eddie was contemplating adding another vehicle to his fleet when sales executive Ruby Wagner from Sandown Commercial Vehicle Centre Bellville phoned him. I wasn’t looking for a FUSO, though, admits Eddie, “but decided to give them a chance.” Sales manager Stephen Henkel and Ruby made an appointment to see him, but unbeknownst to them, Eddie had already done his homework and had the comparative figures in front of him. “I was impressed with the way Stephen managed to answer my questions and put forward the reasons why I should buy a FUSO,” Eddie says. And so the deal was clinched.

Eddie is very happy with the service he has received from the Sandown team in Bellville and is now a loyal customer. “They have made me feel like a member of the family and I look forward to dealing with the team in the future,” he says. “Eddie was my very first customer,” smiles Ruby, who had spent her earlier career in the hospitality industry. “I saw one of his trucks on the freeway on the way home one afternoon and decided to give him a call. When Eddie listed his requirements I wasn’t completely sure what it all entailed, but with the help of the team we made sure we could deliver to his specifications!”