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Day night removals 4If you are moving your home or your business, Day n Night

Removals will ensure a well- planned time effective successful move with the least amount of discomfort or inconvenience to your family or your staff or the day to day running of your business.

Our services are accessible to homeowners and businesses and our professionally trained staff will provide you our valued customer the guarantee of a successful stress free removal or reallocation.


With a wealth of experience spanning in excess of 25 years your logistics requirements undertaken by Day n Night Removals will be executed with excellence in material and product delivery that is well planned and on time.

An increased demand in the distribution and manufacturing sectors has Day n Night Removals ensuring  a reliable door to door service that is both valued and cost efficient.

We have a nationwide service that encompasses smaller towns and the major centres nationally such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban.

Household Removals have increased considerably with more families finding themselves in a position to be able to relocate and move home throughcareer advancement,  family responsibility and perhaps even the adventure of starting afresh in another province, city or country.


Office, factory or warehouse relocations require precision planning with the least disruption which is why Day n Night Removals pride ourselves in offering a professional and sound removal.

A well labelled and comprehensive system in the packing and reallocation of your business ensures the security of your business information and office accessories and furniture.


Storage facilities have long established the service of safe keeping in a a secure environment of our possessions whether it be household or business.

Day n Night Removals offer the convenience of collection directly to storage with no inconvenience to yourself and ensured safekeeping of your household and office valuables.


Moving your whole household to another suburb, city or even country is a daunting prospect.  It is also the opportunity to clean out and sort out your possessions ensuring you are not weighed down with moving unnecessary items you have not used in years.

Involving your children in the move if it is a household move is imperative.  Show and share the excitement and welcome their help and ideas.

Show understanding and empathy to their re-adjustment in a new environment and take heart with the fact that children adapt quickly.

Most of us consider our animals as members of the family, including them in a move to another suburb, city or country.  It is therefore necessary to understand admission procedures to other countries,  rental agreements undertaken and complex rules beforehand. 

In the case of international relocation, strict documentation, immunisation and quarantine requirements are in place.

On move day the driver will undertake a written inventory and record the condition of all the items that are being moved.

The insurance undertakers  will use these inventory sheets if you make a claim.  It is important that everything is listed and documented and that you agree with the condition the driver has assigned to each item before it is loaded on the truck.

Before you leave 

  • Walk through your house for a final time and ensure nothing has been overlooked or forgotten. 
  • Communicate to the driver where you will be in transit and how you can be reached at your destination.
  • Agree on the scheduled arrival time or date and make sure you have all the relevant documentation and contact details of your moving company.

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